BMW took the wraps off the Motorrad Concept Link at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017. It is an all-electric motorbike that’s more Vespa than motorcycle, but it still looks awesome.

Alexander Buckan, Head of Vehicle Design at BMW Motorrand, describes the Motorrand Concept Link as, “The basic functionality needs, the technical architecture, and the digital reality of today’s users.” And it really is.

The motorbike features an understated yet futuristic design that catches the eye. It incorporates a Liquid Metal Titanium trim in the front that contrasts nicely with the matte black finish at the back end. BMW’s design is nicely accented by LEC headlights and side panels that improve aerodynamics. Its minimalistic gray colors are sharply brought to life by orange hints throughout the body.

But the crowning jewel of the Motorrand Concept Link is its wheels. Featuring enclosed wheels without spokes or fancy designs, it looks as though it’s moving at all times. You can’t even tell where the brakes will be placed. It is a clean, clutter-free design.

Differing from normal motorcycles, BMW’s concept is electric so there’s no need for a center-mounted motor. It instead is powered by flat energy packs placed in the underfloor. The lack of bulky engines creates a lot of space, with the Motorrand featuring space for luggage.

Ditching the old-school instrument panel, it instead features a projection display on the windshield. It’ll display speed, navigation and battery status as well as other auxiliary information. The latter can be controlled through touch-sensitive buttons on the handles.

Unfortunately, there’s some bad news if you do like the Motorrad Concept Link: BMW is not planning on taking from concept to real life. But given the concept, don’t put it past BMW to release one in the future.