We drove up to the LA Auto Show last week to check out some of the fanciest cars on the floor. One we just so happened to stumble upon was BMW’s new M760i xDrive, a gorgeous car that was first announced back in February. It just so happens it’s not only chock full of luxury features, but it’s also loaded with technology, so we figured we’d snap some photos for our gear-heads out there.

The BMW M760i xDrive sports a V12 M Performance TwinPower Turbo 620HP engine, the first of its kind in the BMW 7 series, capable of jumping from 0 to 62mph in just 3.7 seconds. If those specs sound good for a BMW, that’s because they are; BMW says this is the fastest production engine it’s ever used in a car. The inside is gorgeous, perfect for a quick excursion out to the opera that’ll no doubt please your guests riding along.

The big takeaway here, though, is the jaw-dropping sort of “wow” you get as you approach the car. It’s one of the reasons we decided to grab snapshots of it, despite the fact that it was announced 9 months ago. BMW said this sort of impression extends even to the sound of the car, noting that is specifically designed the rear silencers and flap activation system for “a broad acoustic spread, supplying everything from maximum refinement to a full-bodied 12-cylinder soundtrack.” Yeah, I can’t say I’ve ever driven a car with engine noise referred to as a “soundtrack.”

Plenty of tech inside the BMW M760i xDrive

The new iDrive system, which offers a touchscreen for interaction with controls, entertainment and navigation, supports gesture controls. “Pre-selected hand movements in the vicinity of the center console allow 3D sensors to register and fulfill requested actions,” BMW explained when it announced the car. That means you can use a gesture to increase the volume of a song, select an item menu, reject a phone call and more. Not quite what you think of when they say you should drive hands-free, is it?

The BMW M760i xDrive also features a heads-up display that provides the driver with information so that he or she doesn’t need to look at the dash, this is particularly useful for message notifications, directions and more. It’s a feature we’re starting to see much more of in cars, so BMW isn’t the first here, but we dig that it’s increasing the size of the HUD by 75 percent and added full-color.

Flip through the gallery above for a closer look at the BMW M760i xDrive. Sure is a beauty, ain’t she?