Worried the rains and flooding from a hurricane might destroy your new car? Why not bring it indoors where it’s safe with the family? That was the thinking of one Florida man ahead of Hurricane Matthew.

Randy Jalil brought his BMW E30 M3 inside his house ahead of Hurricane Matthew. Jalil, according to pictures he posted to Instagram, drove it right through what appears to be the front door, into the middle of the living room. In another picture, you can see it safely parked right next to the couch.

“I’ve owned my E30 for about 8 years now and the last few years there was a spike in value with these cars,” Jalil told Jalopnik. “I wasn’t risking anything! This car is absolutely my pride and joy and I will own it for years to come. Fortunately I don’t have a wife to tell me otherwise so the morning prior to the storm I stuffed it right into my house. I felt my chances of having the car inside the home would prevent anything from happening.”

Guess it worked. P.S., anyone else love that license plate? “Call M3.”

If you don’t have a garage, now you know that pulling the car inside your living room might help it survive a hurricane. Can’t say I’d do the same thing, but I love it. That picture of him with the Cheerios…