Ahead of this year’s Geneva Motor Show, BMW has announced its i8, the automaker’s hybrid sports car, is getting a new paint job. Now, in addition to colors like Ionic Silver and Crystal White, the i8 is being offered in Protonic Frozen Black and Protonic Frozen Yellow, and they look absolutely gorgeous.

Even three years after hitting the scene, the i8 is still one of the most beautiful cars on the road (even if it does look like a space ship). While there are no noteworthy internal upgrades to speak of, the new colors, particularly the Frozen Black, should help renew interest in the plug-in hybrid.

BMW says the Frozen Black will also come with bespoke interior styling, further accentuating “its avant-garde allure.” You can see what BMW is talking about in the gallery below.

They’ll be available later this year

Both special edition models will debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March, with availability to come later this year. Although new colors sound nice, buyers may want to hold off on making a purchase because BMW says it plans on introducing a high-performance i8 within the next 12 months.

According to BMW, the automaker sold 3,752 units of the i8 in 2016 though, as CNET notes, sales have slowed down considerably in the U.S. since hitting their peak in mid-2015.