BMW this week introduced a legit EV, dubbed i3, that’s been completely designed from the ground up. Based on looks alone, the electrified vehicle pushes the limits of BMW’s engineers and creates new territory for the Munich-based company. It certainly stands out, and will no doubt turn a few heads when it hits the road next year for U.S. customers.

The car itself packs a 22 kWh lithium-ion batter pack for a range of around 100 miles per charge, and takes about three hours to power up through a 220-volt line; the onboard charge is 7.4kW. The i3’s engine is 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, which is delivered to the rear wheel through a single-speed transmission. BMW says the i3 will power from 0 to 60 mph in just seven seconds, which is pretty good for an electric vehicle—it’ll max out at a notch over 90 because of EV limitations.

It looks and sounds like a car from the future, exuding luxury while dipping into technology of the future. For a more thorough rundown of BMW’s fresh new i3, check out this episode of TechnoBuffalo’s Driven, and don’t forget to watch more episode on The Tech Feed channel on YouTube.