The increasing brainpower of cars is convenient for most of us, but it isn’t so great for carjackers. In fact, a recent story out of Seattle reveals that a BMW 550i was recently able to help police keep a carjacker stuck inside the vehicle without anywhere to run.

The story goes like this: According to Seattle Crime News SPD Blotter, a thief was prowling around town looking for a sweet ride to take for a spin. He found one on 8th Avenue Northeast, a gorgeous BMW 550i that was unlocked. What a perfect target, the thief must have thought. He jumped in, finding the keyfob inside, and decided to take a little Ferris Bueller’s day-off joyride into the sunset. Or so he thought.

Smart cars: helping to take carjackers off the streets since 2016.

The carjacker must have gotten sleepy at some point, perhaps he had too much of that lavender tea back at the hideout, and dozed off inside the 550i. Cops, who by now were on his his tail, reached out to BMW for assistance. Folks in the company’s corporate offices were able to find the location and set the locks, trapping the burglar right where the cops wanted him.

“Officers roused the suspect, who quickly, but unsuccessfully, tried to drive away,” SPD Blotter explained. The police made their arrest, docking on a drug charge in the process. Lesson learned: next time steal a car that can’t trap you inside!