Beam bluetooth toothbrush

Aside from the clean freaks in our midst, most of us don’t spend as much time on our teeth as we should. (If we did, there’d be no need for dentists.) But if we don’t listen to our mothers and dental hygienists, what are the chances we’ll listen to our smartphones?

A company called Beam is betting that we will, with plans to unveil a new bluetooth-enabled toothbrush and apps next month. (Insert joke about “blue teeth” here.)

Here’s how it works: The tool sends data wirelessly to the app, which includes a number of things to help you stay on the pearly white path, including a history of your brushing behaviors, a timer to keep you brushing for a full two minutes and even music, so you don’t get bored while doing the task. Future plans include integrating sensors, so users can know what part of their mouths they do/don’t spend enough time brushing. An Android version is already finished, and an iOS app is on the way.

The debut is slated for March, and the price is $50 per brush, with replacement brush heads costing $3 a pop. That’s not bad, considering electric toothbrushes alone can cost upwards of $100 with $20 brush heads, and sonic ones can get even pricier.

Think something like this could take off? Or do you think wireless tech is best kept out of those pie holes?

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