Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said his Blue Origin space travel company is on track to send its first test-flights with humans on board beginning in 2017. Bezos made his forward-looking remarks during a talk at Blue Origin earlier this week, The Guardian said.

Blue Origin will eventually launch up to six space tourists at a time using a 60-foot rocket with a special “New Shepard” capsule on top. New Shepard has already been tested but without humans inside. Eventually, tourists will get to experience being blasted into space, weightlessness and an eventual final descent back down to earth. The current 2017 deadline to send humans into space won’t quite offer that experience just yet, however.

The Guardian suggested the 2017 launch will include humans on test flights, and, in 2018, paying space tourists will finally be able to get on board. Bezos hopes that Blue Origin eventually gets to a point where the company is launching “dozens” of times a year.

Save your pennies, these flights probably won’t come cheap.