HTC One Google Play Edition-Beats

Verizon is preparing to offer the HTC One at some point during this summer, though the carrier has been relatively mum on new details. It might make sense for Verizon to try to distinguish it a bit from the HTC One models that have already been on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile for several months now, but how?

Well, according to PhoneArena Verizon Wireless is apparently preparing to launch the HTC One in Blue. The device was listed internally as the "HTC One in Blue" with the label "HTC6500LVWBLU," apparently. The blue model seems extremely fishy to us for a number of reasons, but mainly because we haven't ever seen it and we're curious as to why HTC would make a blue model so late in the game. Second, there's a red HTC One available in Europe that would make a lot more sense if Verizon wanted to distinguish itself. Finally, AT&T is known a "Big Blue" so it seems to make more sense for Verizon to launch a different color. Who knows, though? Sprint is set to launch the red HTC One after all.

PhoneArena's source said that the blue HTC One is scheduled to hit Verizon in August. Let the countdown begin.