My favorite Galaxy Note 7 was the “blue coral” hue. It looked unique, unlike most of the smartphones in my friends’ hands, and had gorgeous gold-colored accents. Then the whole recall happened and my beautiful smartphone went to a landfill somewhere. Now that color is available again.

AT&T’s website now allows users to configure the Galaxy S7 Edge with the blue coral color option, adding to the already-available gold, silver and black versions. Nothing else is different about the phone, you’re still getting the blazing-fast processor, first-class camera and gorgeous Quad HD AMOLED display.

I’m tempted by the blue coral Galaxy S7 Edge

The new blue coral Galaxy S7 Edge can be purchased for $26.50 per month or $794 outright. AT&T says it expects the phone to ship between November 18 and November 22.

I’m tempted.

The Galaxy S8 may not launch until April at this point, which means I’d have plenty of time to enjoy the coral blue color I miss so much from my Galaxy Note 7.