Bluray obsolescence

Is Blu-Ray dying? It's inevitable that every form of optical physical storage is destined to be replaced at some point or another, but it seems that ReadWriteWeb is already ringing the death knell for this one after just six years.

The reasons vary. With its introduction in 2006, Blu-Ray's nascent period was marked by recession, leading many consumers to be either unwilling or unable to adopt a new technology. And aside from a few supporters, most would-be hardware partners ignored Blu-Ray players for their hardware lineups.

But really, the biggest blow to the optical storage type is the Internet itself. Downloading and/or streaming has become such a way of life, that it seems rather unnecessary and even kind of draconian for users to saddle themselves with any form of physical medium. (The exception to this rule is the USB drive. As these tend to be reusable and cheaper by the second, there's still a strong fanbase for it.)

Where do you stand? Are you fans of the Blu-Ray standard and hope for its survival against obsolescence, or do you see the writing on the wall too? Tell us if you think this is going the way of the VHS or not.

[Via ReadWriteWeb]