With downloads and streaming, compact discs seem to be going the way of the dodo bird (dodo bird = cassette tapes), leaving people stuck with hundreds, even thousands of old CDs. I have a friend who — after many, many months of digitizing her vast music library — nailed the discs to her kitchen ceiling in rows, until she had a shingled, mirrored surface to gaze up at. The project wound up looking pretty groovetastic, but it was a mother of an intensive task.

Not into DIY? Well, there is an alternative: You could cash in on them instead. Amazon has announced that it’s now expanding its Trade-In Program to include music.

The program basically connects sellers with merchants who want to buy their new or secondhand stuff — anything from mobile devices and computers, to movies, video games and now music CDs. Just check to see if a particular album is eligible, describe the condition of the item, and then send it in. After 6 to 10 days for processing, you’ll receive an Amazon.com gift card (via a credit that shows up in your account).

Note that the going price won’t be more than a few dimes to a few bucks at most, but if you have a huge stash of eligible discs just sitting amid the dust bunnies in your closet (or you’re already sending other stuff, and want to toss some CDs in the box) this isn’t a bad way to go. A pile of trade-ins could amount to a very respectable sum — possibly even enough to buy you that hot mobile device you’ve been drooling over.

For more information, you can check out the details on Amazon’s Trade-In Program here.

Have you ever sold your used CDs? Where did you take them? If not, are you planning to keep them, say, as music back-ups or for a DIY project? Let us know how you’re handling your physical music stash.

[via TechCrunch]