Kindle FireAmazon is allegedly working on a smartphone aimed at taking on the iPhone and other top Android devices, Bloomberg said on Thursday. According to “people with knowledge of the matter,” the online retailer is working in cahoots with Foxconn, though no other details about the device were shared. If it’s in line with last year’s Kindle Fire, expect it to be cheap, and expect it to run a highly customized version of Android.

Apparently, a major hurdle facing Amazon’s journey is trying to overcome the possibility of patent infringement. Bloomberg’s sources claim the company is currently seeking to acquire wireless technology patents as a sort of safety net, though it’s unclear from whom.

That aside, Amazon already has the foundation in place, with the Fire as the main tenant. The retailer has a growing Android app store, and it offers a healthy selection of music, movies and books. The final piece to build a towering mobile kingdom, potentially, could be a smartphone built by Amazon, for Amazon.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when, or if, it’ll actually hit.

[via Bloomberg]