I've been a fan of the violent FPS Strafe ever since I first laid eyes on it. Director Thom Glunt and his team at Pixel Titans have shown time and time again that they know how to sell a video game, dating all the way back to its Kickstarter pitch.

Even its official website is a sight to behold.

This time, Pixel Titans takes aim at a goofy trend I've been poking fun of in trailers recently, one that sets the violent action of a game to a slow cover of a sentimental, ironic, or novelty pop song. Pixel Titan's choice? A piano cover of Smash Mouth's All Star… this is just the best.

Strafe might look like a Quake or DOOM throwback, but it adds an extra layer to the cheesy polygon graphics by tagging on procedural generation. This is a game that is randomly generated from beginning to end, and it is meant to be enjoyed over and over like Spelunky.

Whether it's a retro trailer from the 90s or this latest masterpiece, I'm just hoping that the trailers aren't more fun than the game itself. Strafe will be released on the PC in 2017.