Bloodstained Wii U

I remember back in the first major year of Kickstarter campaigns, my rule for myself was to never back a project unless it had the support of Nintendo. If the Big-N was game, then so was I. My new standard is to not back any projects at all until some of my previous ones have petered out, but if this was back in 2013, Koji Igarashi's Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night would now have my money.

Igarashi and his campaign team have added a nice little $3 million dollar Wii U stretch goal, giving fans more incentive to vote with their money and open the game up to a new audience. Hey. kids! Remember playing Castlevania back on your Nintendo machines in the 80s? Well, this is the same thing, just on your Wii U machines!

The campaign has already been a massive success, pulling in $2,788,777 as of writing, but it has hit a bit of a halfway point slump. Hopefully, this will shake up excitement as the game comes crashing into its final 48 hour stretch.

Igarashi will commission the Wii U port out to Armature Studio, a studio made of former Retro Studios developers. It has worked on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection before in the past.