Bloodborne hits digital and physical shelves in just one day. When you're getting ready to play the game, whether you've pre-ordered it via PSN or are picking up a disc, you'll need to download a 2.7 gigabyte patch to go with it.

If you've pre-ordered it on PSN, you already have access to the patch, but physical disc owners will want to block out some extra sandwich making-and-eating time before playing to ensure the patch has ample time to download.

The patch adds a few big features, as we're seeing more and more frequently.

Update version 1.01 enables online play, improves performance, and adds the much-hyped Chalice Dungeon feature.

You can also decide whether to display your PSN username or your character's name in multiplayer sessions, so you can decide whether other players see Sir Percival of Yharnam or XxNinjaKillerxX in online sessions.

Bloodborne releases March 24 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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