Bloodborne is a few days away and hype for it is reaching its apex. Sony posted on its blog yesterday an extended cut of the game’s official television commercial (below) as well as some details on how customization will work in the game.

The hub world in the game is called the Hunter’s Dream, and you can return to it from a variety of locations throughout the city of Yharnam. In the Hunter’s Dream, you’ll be able to use items called Caryll Runes to tweak certain elements of your character, such as runes that will allow you to carry more items or make hunting monsters more profitable. It’s unclear how many runes you can equip or how they’ll be acquired exactly, but it sounds like they’ll work a bit differently from and possibly in addition to items like rings we would fine scattered around the Dark Souls games.

Items can be customized as well, using Blood Gems, which can be attached to add special characteristics to weapons. If these are swappable rather than permanent mods, it could be a nice change from the narrow upgrade paths weapons in the Souls games went down.

We’ll know more soon, when the Bloodborne hits the PlayStation 4 on March 24.

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