Twitch user PaiNz has uncovered a wonderful little camera bug in Bloodborne which permanently locks the camera above the action. The new viewpoint seamlessly twists Sony’s modern day slasher into looking like another of its classics, Champions of Norrath!

Why are you looking at me like that? Oh, nobody remembers that game? Well, what about Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance? No, not that one either? Gauntlet? Or many of the other generic overhead action RPGs games like these have spawned?

Fine, Diablo then! The camera gitch makes Bloodborne look like Diablo.

It looks a little complicated to pull off as well, but hopefully this is a glitch Sony learns to embrace and make a menu option. It might kill the immersion of cautiously meandering through Bloodborne’s dreadful settings, but plenty of people out there enjoy that overhead view.

I mean, it’s everywhere you look nowadays, like it’s the Super Nintendo era all over again.