Bloodborne Battlefield

There was once a time when the AAA shooter scene seemed like it had no weakness, but recent shaky years have pivoted the power structure from its grasp. Both Battlefield Hardline, pushed from its typical fall release window, and Sony’s highly anticipated exclusive Bloodborne launched for the PlayStation 4 in March, and guess which one came out on top.

Bloodborne. It took the number one spot on the PlayStation Store for the month of March with Battlefield Hardline settling for second. I suppose the other notable March release goes to Dragonball Xenoverse, which closed out at fifth.

It makes you wonder the reasoning behind Battlefield not taking the top spot from Bloodborne. Is the gaming crowd growing sick of AAA shooters? Is the holiday season the only time a AAA shooter can release to top billling? Did Battlefield 4’s launch reputation come into play here, or were Battlefield Hardline’s “expansion pack” impressions not enough to entice gamers to cough up full price?

Or is it that Bloodborne, a much more traditionally developed game, scored better praise and was simply more in demand? Interesting statistics, and there are plenty of ways to spin them.

Even more interesting are the other lists, though. Sony ran a flash sale earlier this month which pushed a lot of unexpected champions to the top of their category. For example, the Mortal Kombat: The Arcade Kollection and PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ closed out at number 1 and 2 of the PlayStation 3’s list thanks to being sold for just a dollar.

Gravity Rush beat out Hotline Miami 2 on the PS Vita during its debut month, and Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X5 closed out the top of the classics! I never thought Mega Man would be a best seller in this day and age, but there it is.

What would you buy for a dollar?