Bloodborne is doing quite well at the cash register right now, but developer From Software is hard at work doing what they can to address some of the biggest problems with the game.

Patch 1.03 will, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog, “reduce certain load times” and take care of the glitch fans found that caused bosses to behave strangely after playing the game for too long.

The team, says producer Masaaki Yamagiwa, is aiming to have the patch out before the end of April.

While Bloodborne fans are never going to fully agree on which bosses are awesome and which are cheap, agreement is all but universal that these are the two biggest issues with the From Software’s action horror title. Yamagiwa isn’t clear on how much load time reduction we can look forward to or even whether it’ll be significant. We’ll know sometime in the next two weeks just how big a difference the patch makes.