Bloodborne is less than two weeks away from release, and Sony has updated its official page with a full set of the online features we can look forward to once the game is in our hands. The game has a suite of cooperative, player versus player, and asynchronous features that pull from the studio’s previous titles, Demons’ Souls and Dark Souls, improving on them in one crucial way.

Like those games, you’ll be able to get a game together with random pick-up players by using in-game items like the Beckoning Bell. Those players are returned to their own games upon death or upon beating a boss. What’s new, though, is that you can set a password on your game which other players can then enter to be joined to your game, letting you play with your friends without jumping through a bunch of weird arcane hoops.

Player versus player sessions can be initiated in specific areas where a “bell-ringer woman” is present or by summoning her. Player versus player action isn’t too different from Bloodborne‘s predecessors.

Asynchronous play, similarly, remains unchanged. Players can leave notes for each other, see recordings of each others’ untimely demises, and catch glimpses of ghosts of other players.

The ability to password cooperative play is huge and addresses one of the biggest complaints from fans of the previous iterations on the formula. It remains to be seen how some of the other pros and cons we’ve come to expect are handled. Soul Memory was one of the big additions to Dark Souls 2 intended to keep players playing with people of similar levels of experience, but it mostly just kept friends from helping each other out. The passwording function suggests that sort of thing is out the window this time.

We’ll know for sure when Bloodborne hits on March 24 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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