Penalty for death has always been a tough balancing act for video games, but Bloodborne is a game that only half gets it right. Sure, you go back to a checkpoint and have the ability to regain your lost souls. That’s the positive side, and it’s more than fair if you ask me.

The terrible part has been the 30-45 second loading times you have to sit through in between each and every death. I’m almost inclined to believe that this was intentional given the franchise’s history of punishing players for dying, but then I realized that this was maybe a little too cruel.

Sony has stepped in and fixed the loading times with a patch that slashes them from 30-45 seconds all the way down to 10-15 seconds. Thank goodness, too. I was having a good time playing Bloodborne, but I decided to stop until this patch was finally released. It also adds an item description window to the loading screen rather than the placeholder “BLOODBORNE” text that accompanied the wait before.

With its major fatal flaw now accounted for and dealt with, Bloodborne can take one more step towards earning its title as the best game of the year. The waits are still a little slow and hardly meets the Super Meat Boy standards of jumping right back in, but this is a wait time I can live with.

I mean, I might not have enough time to smash anything and clean it up like I used to. Now I just have time to smash things. Enjoy that mental image of me sitting and playing Bloodborne in a pile of rubble.

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