One of the real joys of playing games created by From Software is seeing the environments that make up the game world. In Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, the places you go tell you much more about the world than any cutscene ever could if you’re willing to really look. Beating a boss is a great feeling not just because you finally triumphed over a challenge, but because you’re rewarded with new sights to see and new places to study. In this way, Bloodborne looks to be a worthy follow-up to the Souls games.

Where Dark Souls takes place in the ruins of a once thriving medieval world, Bloodborne‘s Gothic setting looks more like a living world in the process of falling apart.

This video, released by IGN through its First program, gives us a chance to really stare at some of Bloodborne‘s destinations without combat getting in the way. Plants are either dead or overgrown, buildings are poorly cared for, and shadows are long and dark.

The game certainly has more variety up its sleeve than a 2 minute video can show us. We’re looking forward to seeing what else Bloodborne has to offer when it releases on March 24.

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