Bloodborne Game of the Year

Hey, wait a minute Sony! The video game award season hasn’t even been held yet, and you’re already declaring that Bloodborne is “Game of the Year?” Generally, you’re supposed to wait at least until the following year, after the awards have been handed out. That’s a little presumptuous.

Still, there’s nothing stopping it. Bloodborne is getting a “Game of the Year” edition release in Europe on Nov. 27, and it will come jam packed with all the DLC, including the first major expansion, The Old Hunters. Even if you don’t pick up this version, though, The Old Hunters will be available as an add-on through the PlayStation Store.

You just won’t get it for free like the disloyal late-comers will.

No word on if this version will be coming to North America, but is there any doubt about it? We’ll be seeing this, possibly after Bloodborne actually does score a few “Game of the Year” awards. It’s one of the few titles this year that actually deserves it anyway.