As Bloodborne‘s Spring 2015 release date approaches, Sony’s going to keep the hype train on one of its biggest exclusives running by trickling out information.

This week, we get a look at a new hunter named Gyula – the guy with the fancy hat and old-timey gatling gun above – and an eyeball-collecting witch, because that’s really something we need to have nightmares about.

Producer Masaaki Yamigiwa writes on the PlayStation.Blog that Gyula is “an old veteran hunter who is said to possess amazing skill. No one has seen him in many years, since he ventured into the old part of Yharnam, deserted and burned to the ground after the plague of the beast took its toll there long ago. You just may run into Gyula when you venture into the old part of the city.”

Yamagiwa also talks a bit about the weapons players will get access to.

“…moving away from a fantasy medieval setting into a slightly more modern gothic and fearful setting has allowed the team at From Software to bring a whole new vision to life on the PS4, not only in terms of stage design and the kinds of enemies you’ll face, but also the kinds of weapons you’ll have at your disposal to deal with these nightmarish creatures.”

Case in point is a transforming cane that can be a short range melee weapon or a long-range bladed whip.

The screenshot of the long corridor depicts what Yamagiwa seems to be suggesting will be a dynamically generated area of the game.

“Deep under the city of Yharnam lies an expansive network of multi-levelled ruins, seemingly much older than Yharnam itself and crafted by something other than human hands. What’s more, these ruins appear differently to each hunter brave enough to enter. We’re all very excited to talk more about what that means in just a few weeks.”

Yamagiwa says the team will have more to say during their live presentation at Sony’s PlayStation Experience show on Dec, 6 and 7.

Bloodborne is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and is set to release on March 25, 2015.

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