Not sure why, but the hype for Bloodborne just doesn't seem apparent as it was for the Dark Souls games. Trailers are fewer and far between, comments around the net are scarce, and it just seems like people should be more excited for this one because it is an excellent spiritual successor to the fan favorite action RPG series.

Maybe it's just me, but that same level of excitement has been falling a little quiet lately. The unfortunate part about it though is that the hype should be surpassing the previous game from From Software, Dark Souls 2, because this hits on more of the areas that I felt that game was lacking in, most noticeably in the visuals and how it completely turns the core gameplay on its head.

As is often stated about Bloodborne, the shift from offense to defense is apparent in the new gameplay footage. Our hero is far more acrobatic in his dodges and leaps, and the range from his weapon makes him far deadlier than the undead soldiers from prior games. Rather than take comfort from behind a shield, a heavy emphasis is put on longer range, swift attacks and enormous weapons.

Giant hammers, axes, spears and swords. You'll be able to pull off both quick and heavy strikes with a quick recovery time, leading to a well placed dodge backwards or a dive behind your attacker.

Dark Souls needs a new face with a new mythology and a new look to proceed into this generation. Otherwise it is one step shy of falling into the AAA trap of repetitive sequels. Bloodborne is that necessary step to make this something new, with the added bonus of a new methodology in the approach to combat, and it will be more than enough to separate it from the previous games.

Look for Bloodborne exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on March 24.

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