Here’s another huge title to throw more speculation on the latest battlefield in gaming: frames per second. No longer content to argue over the differences between 1080p and 900p, gamers have taken to 30fps and 60fps as the next point to vent frustrations over where gaming is going. We’ve heard opinions from both sides, and another high profile developer has just thrown its thoughts out there.

Dark Souls developer From Software prefers 30fps for its upcoming PlayStation 4 action game, Bloodborne. Speaking with PlayStation Lifestyle, Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa stated that they “haven’t made an official announcement yet but they will probably go for 30fps since that’s what they found to be the best fps (frames-per-second) to play action games.”

He added “from the beginning, they weren’t targeting 60fps because it’s not first-person-shooter, it’s an action game.”

How about it? Between Tango Gameworks and From Software, would seem that the biggest supporters of 30fps still reside in Japan. All I know is that I went hands-on with Bloodborne at Tokyo Game Show 2014, and thought it looked amazing. If they know how to make a slower frame rate work as a positive for the game, more power to them.

Bloodborne will be released on February 6th exclusively for the PlayStation 4.