I've spawned my fair share of hollow warriors in the Dark Souls games, but From Software's newest outing, Bloodborne, isn't about that. This PlayStation 4 exclusive does not feast on the flesh of the undead but rather werewolves and other infected creatures of the night. You are a slayer of these mad beasts, and what's the point if you don't look really cool doing it?

Much like the Souls games, Bloodborne will grant players access to a deep character generation system, allowing their sulky warrior to look just as he or she wants to envision them. IGN has a first look at this process, and it's nothing overly extraordinary. You know the drill: pick a face pick a body and be on your way.

This group of nerds, though, seem a lot more frail and bony than the muscular grunts from the earlier games, by the way. I wonder if that was done on purpose.

The face of my character in a From Software game though has never been my main concern. I'm far more interested in the Victorian fashion our heroes sport, especially the glasses. I am hoping against hope that Bloodborne allows for "By Jove!" monocles by the game's end. If not, I'm totally down with a pair of toe slick Grandma's reading glasses.

Bloodborne will be released for the PlayStation 4 on March 24.

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