Obviously this has already happened. Here I am, stilling mulling over even picking up Bloodborne to begin with, and someone out there has gone and beaten the game with a Rock Band guitar. How do I even live with myself?

Twitch streamer Bearzly beat Bloodborne in nine hours using nothing but a Rock Band guitar. You can see it in action in the video above, though I imagine that clip is a little spoilery. I don’t think it comes from the very end of the title, but it is a boss fight.

“How?” I asked the same thing. Here are the controls mapped to the guitar by way of Kotaku Australia.

Rock Band Bloodborne Button Map

This is both amazing and depressing, friends. I’m amazed that Bearzly was able to beat Bloodborne with a plastic guitar. I’m amazed that he did so in a time that’s probably quicker than most other players. I’m depressed because, well, I’ll probably never be this good at a video game.

There’s still time, I suppose. Maybe I’ll try and beat the game with the Keytar.