Just a friendly PSA for Sony fans. If you check your email today, there is a slight chance that you might have gotten an invite to join the alpha test of the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne.

Sony has confirmed that the invites have all been shipped out, but only a lucky few have been chosen. Requirements for the test involved owning a PlayStation 4, naturally, as well as meeting certain trophy requirements from Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II on the PlayStation 3.

Well, there goes my chance for an invite. I gave up achievement hunting a long time ago.

Sony also reiterated that there is no chance for further invites. Unlike a normal beta test, which is both for promotion of the game and used to look for glitches, this alpha test is solely for developmental purposes. It already has the number of people it is looking for.

With that, some players have already finished registering their versions and have uploaded videos of the game to their private channels. We've provided an hour of footage above, but there is sure to be more if you look for it.

Bloodborne will launch next year on Feb. 6 for the PlayStation 4.

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