I’ve always had a soft spot for building and city simulators. This genre in particular has a way of soothing me into pure gaming relaxation. It’s for that reason that games like Block’hood grab my attention with the premise alone.

This one, according to the fact sheet distributed with the press release, “is a neighborhood-building simulator that celebrates the diversity and experimentation of cities and the unique ecosystems within them.” Block’hood gives players “access to 90+ building blocks to arrange and combine.”

Each design produces new results, and that means a unique flow of resources and the concept of blocks that strain one another. Right, there’s resource management here. Again, from the release.

Each Block you create has inputs and outputs and by understanding how each block is dependent on other blocks, you can create a productive network. Optimize your production and generate abundant resources for the dozens of intricate symbiotic relationships in your neighborhood.

The only thing I’ve noticed this game is lacking are the citizens. Great building sims need people like ant farms need ants, right? Even if it’s a useless set of milling inhabitants. I love these things to feel lived in.

I digress. Block’hood is on Early Access now on Steam. It’s selling for $9.99, and it’s playable on PC, Mac and Linux platforms. It’s being published by Devolver, and it tends to put its name behind good games. We’ll give it a shake soon and tell you what we think.