Blockbuster’s been on death watch for quite some time as newbies like Netflix and Redbox trounced the company in convenience and innovation.  It’s working hard to play catch up by placing Redbox-like Blockbuster vending machines throughout the country and by taking a ‘me too’ approach to rentals by mail in an effort to slow its demise.  After a few test runs for their latest strategy, it’s time for nationwide deployment.

Taking after GameFly, Blockbuster has officially added video games to its Blockbuster by Mail service.  With more than 3,000 titles available, Blockbuster customers can substitute video game titles for DVDs up to their plan’s limit with plans starting as low as $8.95 per month.  Similarly, Netflix’s cheapest plan starts at $8.95 and GameFly jumps to nearly double that at $15.95 after your first trial month ($8.95).  How much time will Blockbuster’s latest move buy them in the end?


Blockbuster continues to work its advantages where the competition can’t.  On top of similarly priced DVD by mail offerings, Blockbuster customers can drop off their movies at a moments notice at any brick and mortar location for an instant swap, something that’d take Netflix subscribers days to do.  It’s only a matter of time before Netflix jumps on the gaming bandwagon to compete with GameFly and now Blockbuster so this advantage isn’t likely to remove Blockbuster from its deathbed.

Are you a Blockbuster customer?  Now that video games are part of the same $8.95 plan, would you consider switching from Netflix?  Let us know in the comments.