It’s not just Heartstone on mobile that Blizzard’s after; no, they’re making another mobile title. This one? We’re not sure what it is, but they’re hiring for it.

Initially spotted by the folks at NeoGAF, Blizzard’s seeking a Software Engineer. That job description explicitly indicates that it would be a plus if applicants had a “passion for playing and making games – especially mobile games.”

What’s especially interesting here is that this posting sits on Blizzard’s Incubation team, which is for work on new properties and not ones that are already out. This should be a brand new game.

What type of mobile title would you want from Blizzard?

Not to knock Hearthstone here, but I don’t want another deck building and battling title. We have that already, and Blizzard’s made one of the best in the genre.

I’d love to see a mobile RTS from the title. Not an FPS or a tower defense, but a pure, mobile, small RTS title that makes use of everything Blizzard nails with StarCraft and the old Warcraft titles.