There’s a lot to be excited about with Overwatch. It’s a Blizzard game. It’s the first new Blizzard property in 17 years. It’s a team and class based multiplayer shooter that isn’t Team Fortress 2 (which is fun, but new stuff is also fun). It also has gorgeous art and character designs.

These character designs come courtesy Arnold Tsang, one of Blizzard’s concept artists. While these aren’t necessarily final character designs, we saw a ton of them in the Overwatch gameplay trailer that went up last Friday after the announcement at Blizzcon 2014.

We get a glimpse here of the variety we’ll have available, which goes from robots to dwarves to archers and snipers and all over the place. I’ll admit it’s a bit heavy on a particular body type, and that’s something I’d hope to see Blizzard expand on a bit, but it’s clear we have a ton of interesting characters to look forward to when the game hits beta next year, all the same.