If you’re reading this post on September 18, 2016, there is a new DDoS.

Update (10:40am ET): The issues, according to Blizzard, have been resolved. I can also confirm that I can personally connect to Battle.net and log into Overwatch without issue.

However, World of Warcraft players are reporting “Error #132,” in which a dialog box opens and announces a critical error. Users were reporting the error throughout the downtime that’s since resolved. It’s not clear if the two instances are related, but Blizzard immediately tweeted this note, recognizing the issue and announcing that they’re looking into it.

As you can also see in that message, it appears that shops are offline across all titles. That suggests that this attack was aimed at Battle.net at large, though Blizzard has yet to clarify that point.

Stay tuned.

Original Story: Blizzard has been hit with another DDoS attack. The official support account on Twitter fired off a tweet confirming the news.

While the general assumption is that this attack is coming from another group looking for publicity, some are theorizing that Blizzard is DDoS’ing its own network? Why?

Oh boy. They think this is coming because of Sombra. Today is the 23rd of August, Sombra would be the 23rd hero and she/he is supposedly an expert with computers and engineering. It sounds crazy, but I’d love it if this were true.

You can try queuing into Battle.net, but the wait is already over an hour. With the DDoS in progress, the connection will likely be terrible if you ever do actually log in.

This marks, what, the third DDoS since Overwatch launched back in May? We’ll be monitoring this story and will update this post as the day rolls on.

But, hey! There’s a new map coming. Eichenwalde. You can see some shots of the location in the gallery above.