Riding on Twitter’s success, we’ve seen a variety of similar services that hope to become even half as popular as Twitter.  Blippy is among the newcomers to test their spinoff of the Twitter craze.  Blippy is service that allows users to publish their online shopping and credit card usage to the world.  Intrusive? You bet.  Will people use it?  Absolutely.

As with Twitter, upon registration you’re given a username with which to reference.  Your username becomes @username and can be found at blippy.com/username.  Unlike Twitter, updates to your timeline are automatic, pulling your information from accounts you’ve permitted Blippy to access.  You can link online accounts like Amazon, iTunes, and Zappos or credit card accounts from Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX.  Blippy’s database for bank accounts is constantly growing so don’t be surprised if yours isn’t supported just yet.blippy

When you make purchases on any of your registered spending accounts, Blippy will fetch all transactions and publish them to your personal timeline.  When you buy something off iTunes, for example, you’ll see your total transaction amount and a breakdown of the songs, movies and apps that went into that particular purchase.  The only user interaction once you’ve setup all your accounts comes from commenting and liking your friends’ transactions or hiding and editing your own.  Purchases from people you’re following will show up in your timeline as they would on Twitter.

In a world where we’re more willing to sacrifice much of our privacy, Blippy hopes to cash in.  It’s an invasion of privacy for your wallet…but with your permission.  They’re certainly offering something unique and many users will get pulled in, but expect just as many to shy away to keep what’s left of their internet privacy.  Blippy’s currently in private beta but if you can find an invite code, you’ll gain immediate access.  Is Blippy too public for you?  Anything you’re interested in?  Let us know in the comments.