Blaster Master Zero is still the best non-Zelda game you can find on the Nintendo Switch, perfectly updating one of the NES' finest classics for the modern age. A new 1.2 update makes the game only better.

According to developer Inti Creates, the update adds a new Destroyer Mode, which changes the main character's color pallet and makes the action a lot tougher. Players will have to beat the game normally before having access to Destroyer Mode, something I still really need to do.

EX Character mode also lets players download characters from Inti Creates' other games as DLC and play them. Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt and Ekoro from Gal*Gun are the first two options, and both bring their unique abilities from their respective games into the classic Blaster Master setting. They will be available for free for two weeks, but they will jump to their normal price of $1.99 afterward.

Meaning you should buy the game as soon as you can

Blaster Master Zero is the perfect game for fans of 8-bit retro action, and I'd put it in league with Shovel Knight with how well it irons out the kinks of early 1980's gaming and presents itself to a new generation of fans.

The update is available now for the Nintendo Switch, and the Nintendo 3DS version will roll out tomorrow, May 4.