This one is a little silly, but I really think I’d like to try it. Blast Ball is a 3-on-3 multiplayer game inspired by the beautiful sport of soccer, but Nintendo’s lovely twist comes from that it was modeled after the 2006 Nintendo DS game Metroid Prime: Hunters.

Yeah, no lie. You won’t find that tidbit anywhere in the announcement trailer from the Nintendo World Championships, but it’s clear as nose on my face that The Big N took inspiration from its handheld first-person shooter. The art direction, the position of the blasters, the power-ups, the charged shots. It’s totally a Metroid Prime game turned into a first-person multiplayer experience.

I mean, even if it’s not a highlighting title of E3 2015, such a combination has to garner at least a glance, am I wrong?

As I described it earlier, Blast Ball is a soccer game, only you send the ball through the goal not with your legs but with an arm cannon. Opponents have a wide variety of weapons and attacks to steal the ball from you can score a goal. It doesn’t look that deep or spectacular, more like another Nintendo attempt after Splatoon to break into eSports, but I’ll keep an eye on this one.

No release information yet on Blast Ball, but it will be for the Nintendo 3DS. I’d like to know who the development team was behind it. Could it have been Retro Studios? Could this have been the remnants of a failed 3DS Metroid Prime game?