I'm not too familiar with NCSoft's martial arts MMORPG Blade & Soul, but after watching this trailer, I definitely want to be. The South Korea based studio released its game three years ago in its home country, and some believe that it has been successful enough to make the leap across the Pacific and beyond!

Blade & Soul is scheduled for a North American and European release this winter. The game contains a very classic "Wuxia" storyline, or "martial hero" if you want a translation. You play as a martial arts student who sets out to avenge his or her master in an Asian inspired fantasy land. Along the way, you'll meet plenty of interesting characters and brawl against many unique martial art styles and techniques.

The game was popular enough to inspire an anime in Japan as well. A quick Google image search should be enough reason to see why.

The first English trailer has snagged my attention, and the game seems like something I'd at least like check out during a free trial period. Long term prospects still fall on the side of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn if I ever decide to get back into MMOs, which won't happen, but no harm no foul if I drop a week or two into this. Looks very entertaining, especially for fans of epic kung-fu movies.

Again, Blade & Soul will be released for the PC this winter. A closed beta test will be available to random players who sign up on the official website.