BlackBerry Z30 2

Rogers, one of Canada's most popular wireless carriers, will not sell BlackBerry's new Z30 phablet, according to comments provided to CBC. It's a particularly stunning denial, considering that Rogers has long carried multiple BlackBerry models and is turning down BlackBerry, a long-time Canadian business partner.

Bell and Telus will still sell the phone, though like T-Mobile's decision to stop stocking BlackBerry devices in U.S. stores, this appears to be yet another nail in BlackBerry's coffin. The Z30 was supposed to be an exciting new 5-inch BlackBerry smartphone, but clearly there's not enough demand for the company's smartphones anymore, otherwise Rogers would very likely sell the phone. The carrier did not explain exactly why it made the choice, however.

BlackBerry recently agreed to a $4.7 billion buyout, though recent reports suggest there are other companies eyeing the struggling smartphone maker.

At this point, it would be tough to recommend a BlackBerry smartphone without knowing the full future of the company. What if a consumer needs support in a year, for example? Without any real indication of what might happen to BlackBerry, it's possible carriers are avoiding the devices to mitigate possible support issues down the road.