BlackBerry Z30-Back

Until recently it looked like the Z30 might be one of BlackBerry’s final smartphones, but with a billion dollar investment from Fairfax the Canadian company is expected to continue on for at least one more consumer-focused product cycle. On that note, the first next-gen BlackBerry rumors are beginning to surface, suggesting we may see two new quad-core devices in 2014.

According to Chinese site CTech, BlackBerry’s next two smartphone will be the Z50 and Q30. The Z50 will reportedly be an all-touch device with a 5.2-inch 1080p display and is rumored to launch in Q3 2014. Meanwhile, little is known about the Q30—besides that it will almost certainly pack a QWERTY keyboard like the Q10 did—though the device is expected in Q2 2014.

Everything we’re hearing about these devices makes sense and fits into BlackBerry’s recent history of product releases, but CTech notes that its report is totally unconfirmed, so for now we wouldn’t put too much faith in these rumors. Honestly though, if BlackBerry wants to last longer than just one more product cycle it needs to rethink its approach altogether, rather than stick with the two-pronged Q and Z strategy that clearly fell flat in 2013.