BlackBerry 10.3 leaked online this weekend, offering us a first look at what appears to be the company’s next major software update. The photos come from Spanish site Zona BlackBerry, and show off a number of new improvements and features including a tweaked UI, new camera settings and a voice-controlled digital assistant that could be BlackBerry’s overdue answer to Siri.

The upcoming OS update includes an improved camera with panorama settings and a built-in timer for taking group shots without leaving yourself out or snapping a low-quality selfie. We even get a peek at what looks like a voice controlled assistant along the lines of Siri. BlackBerry 10.3 also includes a new minimal design, at least when it comes to the keyboard, which looks flatter and features a red and black color scheme.

Finally, it looks like BlackBerry has taken a trick out of Motorola’s playbook for its 10.3 update. A leaked settings menu shows a new feature similar to Active Display on the Moto X. Turn your device facedown or put it in your pocket and the power automatically switches off. Pick up your phone and it turns right back on. BlackBerry describes this as a battery-saving feature, however, so it’s unclear if it will include the type of smart notifications the Moto X displays.

With BlackBerry’s next major phone, the mysterious Q20 flagship, already leaking online it may not be much longer before the device and its accompanying software get an official unveiling. BlackBerry is sure to pack plenty of new features into what some say is its last chance to retake the enterprise and consumer markets where it’s quickly losing ground to Android, Apple and Windows Phone. We can’t wait to see what the once-dominant company comes up with next.