Jan. 30 is RIM’s big day; the day BlackBerry 10 is exposed to the world, when we’ll have free reign to either praise or denounce the overdue OS. We’re already excited beyond belief and—surprise, surprise—someone already has their hands on the final retail box. Maybe the device really will be available shortly after RIM’s announcement.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to discern from a straight shot of the box. The Z10 moniker is there, but otherwise it’s difficult to say which U.S. carriers the device will be available on from the get go—or internationally, for that matter, although we have a good idea.

The source who provided the pictures was coy on what else they know about tomorrow’s announcement, saying the box’s contents “should remain a secret for now.” Aside from the device itself, what else can we expect to come with the Z10?

We’ll know soon enough. Only hours until RIM’s big unveil. Be sure to follow along on our BlackBerry 10 Liveblog.