As anticipation builds for RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 event, Z10 and N10 renders have been gussied up for our anxious eyes. And you know what? The devices look mighty fine, even though they aren’t the real deal.

We’ve already seen what the Z10 will look like, so there’s little to no mystery regarding actual hardware. Still, these approximated renders beautifully show off what RIM’s all-touch handset will look like sitting next to Apple’s iPhone 5. It’s not often a company’s hardware outshines Jony Ive’s unrivaled design chops, but the engineers in Waterloo have certainly come close.

We’re still awaiting cold hard specs for the Z10—we have an idea, but no big, fat confirmation. We’ll likely have to patiently wait for RIM to take the stage this Wednesday, unless some last minute leak hits, which is always a possibility.

In addition to the Z10 renders, the N10 was done up in similar fashion. It’s not quite as beautiful, but it should certainly be a site for those wanting to jump back over to the QWERTY market. The N10 is a bit more of a mystery compared to the Z10, though we have seen the QWERTY device pop up online.

RIM has put a lot of time and effort into crafting BlackBerry 10 into something to get excited about—hopefully it will launch on hardware equally as solid. The renders may differ from what we see on Jan. 30, but man, they sure look really nice.