BlackBerry Messenger integration can be a handy way to auto-push updates to your BBM contacts. Maybe your friends and family like knowing what music you’re enjoying right now on your BlackBerry Z10, or when you’re watching videos on the handset. After all, it’s yet another way to stay connected with the people in your life, which can be sweet. And since BBM remains keyed into whatever you’ve got going on in the BlackBerry media player, it’s seamless and easy.

But it’s a little less sweet if your phone tells everyone you’re partaking in something embarrassing, like adult-oriented content. With BB 10, web videos can trigger a media player session and, if your BBM setting is on, that means every other BlackBerry user you know will see that you’re currently listening to “”


That’s just mortifying all around, so spare everybody the horror. Don’t use your phone to hit up racy sites that would make your mom faint. Or, if you’re going to let your freak flag fly like that, at least make sure that the feature’s disabled.

The setting is off by default, but for a lot of users, it’s really easy to turn it on in the spirit of sharing and then forget about it, so you’ll want to doublecheck it. Here’s how: Just swipe down from the top while you’re in the app, choose “settings,” and then make sure the “show what I’m listening to” toggle is off. Don’t forget to hit “back,” so that your setting — and your dignity — is saved.