It’s been proven that tablets can be successful in the consumer market and as competitors to Apple hope to cash in on the tablet frenzy, one unlikely player is prepping the waters.  Earlier this month, BlackBerry Leaks received word that RIM was actually working to produce their own tablet, though they admit details are scarce.

Reported by CrackBerry, supply chain checks in early April have led analysts to believe that RIM is ordering millions of 8.9-inch screens from Hon Hai Precision that they estimate to ship later this year.  BBLeaks goes on to say RIM’s tablet will be smaller (duh, 8.9”


Both CrackBerry and BBLeaks are reporting similar information and that RIM’s tablet will, like the iPad, be a multimedia device for books, magazines, music, and videos.  With no definitive evidence to back the claims 100%, all of this must be filed under rumors and speculation.  If you get your hopes up a bit too high, they may come crashing down on you January 27th style.

Does a BlackBerry tablet make sense?  Do you think it’ll run a completely new OS or will they tie it in with their smartphone lineup?  If this thing is legit, let’s hope SurePress is nowhere in sight.  Yuck.