Over the weekend a series of photos appeared online showing the BlackBerry Z10 accessing Google's Play Store. The pictures quickly sparked rumors that the Android app store could be headed to BlackBerry 10 in a move that might just be enough to save the Canadian company's smartphone business. Earlier today, however, BlackBerry stepped in to squash the rumors that it was working with Google to solve its app problem.

"I can confirm that there is no planned support for Google Play on BlackBerry," a BlackBerry representative told CNET, crushing the dreams of BlackBerry owners who just want to use Instagram (though you can sideload it if you really want it).

A pairing of BlackBerry and Google Play seemed like a last ditch effort by the company—though one that might have really made a difference—but with the latest rumor squashed, the Canadian company is left in the same precarious position. After rejecting all buyout offers, BlackBerry decided to remove its CEO and move forward. With interim CEO John Chen at the helm, the smartphone-maker says it plans to narrow its focus on enterprise users and diehard fans of the platform.