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If you're still wondering why BlackBerry needs Android, its latest sales figures should make things a little clearer. The Canadian company this week confirmed that it sold just 1.1 million devices last quarter, and suffered a loss of $28 million on revenue of $658 million.

That's a loss of 5 cents a share, which is significantly more than Wall Street's expectation of 3 cents a share on revenue of $679 million.

Despite only selling 1.1 million devices, however, BlackBerry still made more money on hardware than anything else. Smartphones made up approximately 40% of its revenue for the first fiscal quarter, while services accounted for 38%, and software accounted for 21%.

The average selling price of a BlackBerry device during this period was just $240, which is pretty low when you consider the company is trying to compete with the likes of the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 with high-end devices like the Passport and the BlackBerry Classic.

BlackBerry expects to turn a profit "some time in fiscal 2016," but it still hasn't confirmed whether it will rely on Android-powered devices to make that happen. The company is thought to be focusing on services going forward, though it certainly won't drop hardware completely anytime soon.