In May BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that BlackBerry was going to sit on the sidelines while other companies explored and introduced new wearable technology. That's apparently changing to some degree, according to new comments made by another BlackBerry executive during Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas.

"We're doing internal research on different wearables," BlackBerry president of Enterprise John Sims told Computerworld. "I would love to have BBM on a wearable. It's definitely an area of research for us." Sims didn't provide any details as to when BlackBerry will launch a wearable, if ever, but according to Comptuterworld, the company is researching both smart glasses, akin to Google Glass, and smartwatches.

BlackBerry users have been primarily left out in the cold in the wearable market. Most devices support iOS and Android while some have expanded to Windows Phone, but not BlackBerry OS.

The next step will be launching new smartphones. BlackBerry has teased its BlackBerry Passport for several months and we're also expecting a new BlackBerry Classic device.