BlackBerry Q10-VS-Z10-Bold-Front

BlackBerry is allegedly hoping to complete a sale by November, according to sources close to the Waterloo company. After forming a special committee back in Aug. tasked with exploring “strategic alternatives,” BlackBerry has reportedly narrowed down its list to a handful of bidders. Sources speaking with The Wall Street Journal say a sales process is expected to get underway soon.

The news conspicuously follows a report that claimed Microsoft was one such potential buyer—and comes after the Redmond company successfully landed Nokia’s devices division. Even with a handful of new devices this year, and a completely revamped OS, BlackBerry has found it difficult to pry users away from iOS and Android handsets. With little movement out of the once great Canadian company, there are no suggestions that will change anytime soon, if ever. The company is basically treading water in the middle of the ocean.

With the holiday season approaching, and an uncertain outlook on the horizon, BlackBerry execs are reportedly looking for “a fast auction process.” Now that Microsoft is in possession of Nokia’s most prized assets, the Redmond company further establishes its mobile OS as the third most popular smartphone platform on the market. Behind such insurmountable odds, BlackBerry’s market share will only continue to decline—even if some loyalists stick around, which is getting small by the day.

So which company is in line to scoop BlackBerry up? Just because the company is considering a sale doesn’t mean something will go through. WSJ says it’s unclear which companies BlackBerry talked to, though “some Asian tech companies” are reportedly showing interest; sources say a deal will likely include multiple buyers taking over different parts. BlackBerry’s most coveted assets include its enterprise security and BBM, the latter of which is coming to more platforms soon.

This month is shaping up to be huge for Android and iOS, with an update to Windows Phone 8 likely coming in the next few months. With that in mind, it sure sounds like BlackBerry is willing to swallow its pride and maintain whatever dignity is left by selling before it’s too late. The only question is, is any company even interested in what BlackBerry has to offer at this point in the game?